domenica 11 agosto 2013

Kidney diet: what, why, when

What does Renal Diet mean?

A renal diet is a diet for kidney disease sufferers, for who is on dialysis or for who suffers from impaired kidney function.
It restricts the daily intake of:
  •     Sodium
  •     Phosphorous
  •     Fluid
  •     Potassium
  •     Proteins 



 Why should someone follow a renal diet?

For those who have kidney disease, kidneys aren't filtering bloodstream how they ought to. This could cause specific nutrients to build up to harmful amounts. It is possible to reduce the burden on your renal system by lessening your intake of all these nutrients. This will lower your chance of kidney-related problems. A renal diet can possibly postpone the progression of the disease.



 When should you start the renal diet?

A good diet could be healthy at any stage of kidney disease. Obviously, an healthy diet is useful for everyone.